How We Perfect Lead Generation Marketing

Pay per lead. No service fees & lock-in contracts. Just pure, guaranteed results.

Grow Your Numbers Predictably and Reliably

You will be guided with sales and marketing consulting, high-quality enquiries ready to avail your products or services, and a flexible growth plan to help you scale to the next level.

Less Management, No Headaches

The goal is to allow you to focus on providing service and value to your customers, while we concentrate on sharing your message and getting you enquiries and signups.

Get More Qualified Leads at a Cost That Makes Sense

We will help you get more leads, make it more predictable, and simplify your marketing efforts.

Why Get Our Services?

1. Results-based Performance
Only pay for the enquiries we generate for you. No service fees, only results.
2. Exclusive Leads
Leads are exclusively acquired for you. They are never resold.
3. Full-Stack Marketing
Everything is covered at no extra cost: ad campaigns, multi-channel marketing, landing pages, professional ad copies, multimedia, and CRM connections.
4. Longevity and Experience
Our team has been in marketing for nearly a decade. We focus on long term value for everyone, not a quick easy buck, and specialise in delivering leads to increase sales.
5. Growth Support
Get expert guidance from our team, from onboarding to receiving leads, goals, services, and technical questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

At present, you simply pay per lead.

How does your service work?

We have a look at your products/services, then get on a quick call to discuss your needs and which service is a good fit for you. Once that is agreed, we build you campaigns to test out the market and see how it goes. If everything works, we the scale you up to capacity, then set you on a plan to keep you there.

Where do the leads/enquiries come from?

Google (SEO, Adwords, etc.), Facebook, Snapchat, and any other media channel that is showing good results for our partners.

Why would we use your services if we do our own advertising?

In our experience, you are better off having two or three strong brands promoting your products than just one (since audiences respond differently to different brands and advertising). Having two bets in the game, is better than just having one if the odds are similar for both.

Are there any contracts?

No, there aren’t any contracts. But we generally only want to work with partners who are willing to work with us for a few months before they make their final judgement.

How many enquiries/leads can you get me per week?

It depends on your business type, country, services, and other factors. Our partners require anywhere from 50 to 1000’s per week.

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